Thursday, October 04, 2012

Deja Vu

Hard to believe its been a year and here we are, once again, in the final countdown hours to Grindstone.  The weather forecast for the weekend looks perfect.  Just like last year.  The color in the trees in the mountains should be coming out up high.  Just like last year.  The competition looks strong.  Just like last year.  Only a bit stronger.  And I am very, very anxious to spend an entire three full days outside soaking up the wonderful fall weather, while competing and socializing with like minded individuals from all over the east coast and other parts of the US.  Just like last year.

So what's different this year?  Nothing with the race.  The course is the same it has always been and I hope it always will be.  I ran the race last year and I know the course now.  That much is different for me and that is a good thing.  I am in very good shape right now.  Maybe not Western States shape but considering I am not (1) over trained like at Western and (2) not tired like I was last year at Grindstone, I think that is another good difference for me.  As mentioned above, the competition looks strong- Karl, Chris, Evan, Jason and possibly others.  Looking forward to sharing some trail miles with you, and looking forward to breaking some of you, too, as I am sure some of you look forward to trying to break me!  The race will begin at the turnaround point.  That is what I believe.  From there it's on.  When the better part of the entire western world is fast asleep.

See everyone soon.  Night night.