Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good memories

To say running the Grand Slam this past summer was a life changing experience is a vast understatement.  The feelings, memories and friends I have left from its wake are things I think about constantly.  And with each thought comes motivation for getting back after it again in the new year.  At the moment I am still working out the kinks with an unhappy piriformis and it is slow going, but at least it is going.

Best wishes to all in 2011 and may all your training and race goals come to fruition.  Below are a few pictures from this summer's Grand Slam.

Western States: "If I train harder can I run like this guy?"

Vermont: "Young man, beer is only for the winner."

Leadville: Coming into Fish Hatchery II.  Leadville is a must do race.


Wasatch: Savoring the cool Salt Lake morning before the final leg.

Bling.  Bling.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I must be crazy.  For the weeks and days leading up to our current vacation in Cabo San Lucas I barely gave the trip much thought.  I was content in the onset of winter, working to close out the year, concentrating on rehabing a running injury and for some reason didn’t much care to travel to the weather paradise environs of Mexico’s lower Baja California peninsula.  Now that we’ve been here a few days I have realized a few things.  (1) I still enjoy the beach- though not as much as the mountains- and it is nice to sit in the warm sand and soak up the sun with a good book and a cerveza.  (2)  The injury that has plagued my running since the spring, which I thought was a hamstring strain though actually a result of said strain, I am now fully convinced is piriformis syndrome.  This is good news because now I can and will focus on exercises that heal this problem rather than aggravate it, which is what I was doing up until as recent as a few days ago when I still thought my injury was hamstring related.
This bout with piriformis syndrome has caused me to realize a few additional things as well.  (1) As excited and recovered as I feel to jump back into regular training and mileage perhaps my body needs more rest.  I’ve never heard an endurance athlete complain of resting too much but we all know the disastrous consequences of not resting enough.  So, rest more I will.  After all, it is not even January yet.  There is no rush.  After a month or so of base building beginning after the holidays- hopefully with a relieved piriformis- my body will soon gain back fitness.  (2) I often see in others and I, too, have suffered nagging emotional distress when sidelined by an injury.  Usually I run through tendonitis issues, etc. and they eventually go away.  Or a race miraculously remedies an issue- this has happened at least twice.  Unfortunately Masochist didn’t remedy my injury in November and I doubt any other race would take care of it either so proper exercise and rest is the remaining necessary prescription.  Knowing this, I choose not to be upset about the additional down time.  No good will come of it.  With rest comes healing.  With healing comes a return to running with eventual greater fitness, confidence and strength levels than before.  And with all of that comes a return to racing in 2011 and the creation of more excellent memories which, truly, is why I run and race in the first place.  Yes, memories and the constant, progressive cycle of self-actualization in running… I just can’t get enough.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Something to look forward to

Wednesday afternoon I gained entry into May's Massanutten Mountain 100 in Virginia.  And this morning I paid the $160 entry fee making my 'entry' official.  This is welcome news, especially now just before Christmas, since it is the one race, above all others, that I would like to run in 2011.  I look forward to training runs with Keith Knipling, the Leesburg Mafia, VHTRC and WUS crew and- hopefully- showing up May 14th ready to rip.  Above all, my goal is to not run the last 40 miles wearing a trash bag like I did in 2009.