Saturday, September 18, 2010


#1. A quick read on the Grand Slam:

#2. A few Wasatch pictures:

Getting through Francis Peak quickly.

Leaving Big Mountain with Evan.

Entering Brighton.

Prepping for the final 25 with Jason.


Silly cats.

The winner: Nick Clark.  One too many cookies at the awards ceremony, Nick?

Grand Slam paperweight.


Goodbye, Summer.


  1. Cool pix -- I know Mom enjoys the action -- motion & momentum -- you have that in common.
    Gaby could get a sweet job at Nascar anyday!
    Nice write-up in that runnersworld article.
    I recall once hearing someone say, comically, that they were "built for pleasure, not for speed". But both are possible -- & more yet -- distance!

  2. Neal,

    You are a freak. I am in awe. Just wanted you to know that you had me running SCARED at Leadville. My crew was fascinated how good you looked at the finish while I was quivering in the medical tent nearly unresponsive. Well done. Stupefying accomplishment.

  3. Neal,

    Big congrats on your Grand Slam finish, and claiming the new record. It was great to follow along from Western States all the way to Wasatch. A special bonus was getting to see you live in action at Leadville. You had a legit chance at winning any one of those 100's, and all in the same summer. Remarkable! You'll be a tour du force in the future and a runner that everyone will be watching. Run well Neal.

    -Mike Bailey

  4. love the pics, especially the last one... joan