Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wasatch pt. II

Wasatch turned out to be a far better, and tougher, experience than I imagined.  2nd place finish in 21:19.  I also came away the proud new owner of the Grand Slam record (for the non-ultra running geeks: overall fastest cumulative time for running the Western States 100, Vermont 100, Leadville 100 and Wasatch 100 in one summer).  I'm not sure what this means to me or for me just yet, especially since I haven't even slept since before the race, but for the short term I know it means sore feet and legs.  In all seriousness, I am very proud of the Grand Slam result.  Mostly because of the lifelong memories, lessons and experiences with great people running the Grand Slam has provided.  In addition, I owe this new found success to many, many people who have inspired me to become the happy runner I am.  Going after Joe Kulak's Grand Slam record was never on my running goal list, it sort of just developed as summer went on.  Nonetheless, I will honor it until the next runner comes along and bests my new time standard. 

I will post a Wasatch report and pictures here in the coming days.  Please come back and visit.


  1. Yeah!!!! Congratulations, Neal! Awesome job. Now get some sleep!

  2. From the Wasatch 100 Twitter feed (

    Congratulations to Neal Gorman #193 for breaking the Grand Slam record with a Wasatch 100 finish time of 21 hours and 19 minutes. #W100

  3. Neal,
    Incredible year man. Congratulations.

  4. Congratulations on winding up the Slam with a great Wasatch race, and on your spot as the new record holder. You've got such guts and a happy outlook on running and living that I've been carrying through the trails and the days with me since Vermont this summer.

    Happy running :)

  5. Awesome running. Just amazing. It was fun to follow on line. You just kept getting stronger. Wow. Seriously, amazing performances out there.

  6. so great! i'm so proud of you! i'm happy mom and gaby were there to witness your success! i'm looking forward to reading your race report!

    many congratulations and many happy miles ahead!

    and yeah, what emily said... get some sleep!


  7. Super congrats on an outstanding summer! You really earned the Grand Slam Record. Looking forward to catching up with you in person sometime.


    Joe Kulak

  8. Congrats Neal! All of the Jones' have been rooting for you from afar.