Wednesday, October 06, 2010

VHTRC. What's in a name?

The Virginia Happy Trails Running Club is great.  Seriously.  Good organization, people, races, parties, etc.  Kudos.  The widely accepted moniker "VHTRC" is what the Club is commonly known as since sounding out "Virginia Happy Trails Running Club" takes approximately 1.5 extra seconds; hence, the acronym.  Do many runners outside of the Club who recognize the name VHTRC even know what it stands for?  Does it matter?

Therefore, VHTRC Board, I propose a name change.  Though maybe only for a day.  Keep VHTRC, only, change the definition.

For example, we could go with Virginians Hoping To Recruit Canadians.
or Vaseline Happens To Remedy Chafing,
or Valium Helps These Runners Cope.

Or perhaps we should just leave the name alone and I should find something better to do.

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  1. As I curiously await a VHTRC name change, I have to let you know that I almost burnt marshmallows when reading Gaby's crew interview. (I was making rice krispie treats, of course.) Hilarious!