Thursday, November 11, 2010


Saturday is the Richmond half-marathon and marathon.  And with Saturday comes the third weekend in a row of race spectating- since last Sunday was the Potomac Heritage 50k.  Since my legs aren't clocking miles of their own at the moment the next best thing is cheering on others get after their own goals.  Friends and family will lace up their sneaks and chase the pavement during what is forecast as another beautiful and warm fall weekend.  So, without further ado and much ado about nothing further...drum roll...

On the left:  Rob "Don't-even-think-about-it" Sturdevant
On the right:  Colin "Beer-me" Campbell

Brother-in-law #1:
Height: 5'11".  Weight: 612 marshmallows.  Runs his first half-marathon Saturday.  Race goals include not barfing, eating waffles at aid stations and hiding from his Richmond City police officer buddies directing course traffic.

Brother-in-law #2:
Height: 6'2".  Weight: 524 empty cans.  Runs his second half-marathon Saturday in as many months.  Race goals include tripping up Kenyans, scouting new restaurants along the course and looking cool at the finish line.

Clearly, each BIL is humble in their race day ambition.  Who will come out on top?  Who will eat more pizza after the race?  Tune in Saturday.  Good luck to the runners.


  1. Love the photos-go BILs!

  2. That is a god-awful picture of me.

  3. Paul- hope you and Lennard get into WS. Saw your names on the entrants list.

    Colin- that was a glamour shot taken AFTER the wine festival circa '03. You love it.

  4. Wine Festival? That was a great day, bad night...I will say working that one booth as if we were the wine reps was alot of fun. The take home bottles also came in handy.