Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good memories

To say running the Grand Slam this past summer was a life changing experience is a vast understatement.  The feelings, memories and friends I have left from its wake are things I think about constantly.  And with each thought comes motivation for getting back after it again in the new year.  At the moment I am still working out the kinks with an unhappy piriformis and it is slow going, but at least it is going.

Best wishes to all in 2011 and may all your training and race goals come to fruition.  Below are a few pictures from this summer's Grand Slam.

Western States: "If I train harder can I run like this guy?"

Vermont: "Young man, beer is only for the winner."

Leadville: Coming into Fish Hatchery II.  Leadville is a must do race.


Wasatch: Savoring the cool Salt Lake morning before the final leg.

Bling.  Bling.


  1. Wow. That is some nice bling. I'm guessing you wear that Leadville one more than the others. Or do you eat dinner off of it?

    Congrats on an awesome year!

  2. Amy- Seriously, the Leadville buckle is nice but better suited as body armor than for holding up pants.

    FF- Thanks, yo.

  3. I hope you are getting all healed up, Neal. I am curious to see your schedule for the year. Time to plan some trips?...for me, too, that is. :)