Friday, December 10, 2010

Something to look forward to

Wednesday afternoon I gained entry into May's Massanutten Mountain 100 in Virginia.  And this morning I paid the $160 entry fee making my 'entry' official.  This is welcome news, especially now just before Christmas, since it is the one race, above all others, that I would like to run in 2011.  I look forward to training runs with Keith Knipling, the Leesburg Mafia, VHTRC and WUS crew and- hopefully- showing up May 14th ready to rip.  Above all, my goal is to not run the last 40 miles wearing a trash bag like I did in 2009.


  1. Way to adapt to the environment, Neal. Glad to see race #1 on your calendar.

  2. I'll be running Massanutten too!

  3. Margaret- it was fitting that I felt like absolute garbage after that race.

    Evan- don't read the line above. MMT is great. Looking forward to seeing you and Rebecca in May.

  4. ghetto-fabulous!


  5. Great pic! Looks like I will be running MMT 100 as well, so long as 20 people drop off the entrants list. It certainly will be good times. However, my next two weeks of training will be wine and cheese.

    Good Job on the Grand Slam!

  6. Jason- You're 20 down on the wait list? I think you're as good as in then. Nice!