Saturday, January 15, 2011


Part of what makes running so enjoyable is the lack of gear required to maximize one’s enjoyment on the trails.  The longer I run the less gear I wish to carry.  In fact, during the warm months I am rarely clothed on a run with anything more than a pair of shoes and shorts.  It feels completely natural and I think it actually helps my running.
Thus far in my career of athletics I remain unsponsored and enjoy my amateur status.  Though I fully admit I will always be an amateur there are a few products in the market which I employ regularly and help with my running.  So, to the parent companies of these fine products I say thank you and can we talk?
The United States Department of the Interior.  These kind folks offer to us our beloved National Parks and Forests, where upon annually I spend infinite hours frolicking.  Definitely, there is no question, without public open space and miles of trails my running would be at a significant deficit compared to where it is today.  As an ultra runner who prefers trails versus roads and who lives smack dab in the middle of a city having legitimate options for trails is vital.  Rock Creek Park in Washington D.C. is a National Park and my go-to for local trailing.  Without Rock Creek Park where would my running be?  Up Shit’s Creek, that’s where.  So, to the D.O.I. I thank thee and ask may I represent you?
Zip Loc.  There are a few things I usually carry on long runs: Gu, s-caps, toilet paper and my house or car key, depending on where I am.  Zip loc offers the perfect holster for such enterprising.  They also make for great race drop bags.  Oh Zip Loc, where would my running be without you?  Call me!
Cottonelle.  Not much to say here, really, because on a long run if you gotta go you either have it or you don’t.  I carry it with me almost always.  I just do.  Cottonelle has saved me on many a run and for that I am indebted.  Cottonelle, you’re the bomb.  Hook me up!
Post it notes.  That’s right: Post it notes.  The first thing I do after each run is record my outing (time, mileage, etc.) on a Post it note.  I'm weird like that.  Post it notes also make for great identification taped on to Zip Loc drop bags.  We're talking synergy here, people.  Without my Post it note products I would be lost.  Thank you, Post it!

Product placement.  Pre-Western States, 2010.

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