Thursday, May 19, 2011

A deep field at the Old Dominion 100

The men and women’s field at this year’s Old Dominion 100 on June 4th is unlike any other the race has seen in years and years.  Maybe ever?  Here is what [I think] I know about the field.  It’s going to be close at the front for sure! 
Registered gals who will make OD a race:
Sabrina Moran (last year’s champion)
Connie Gardner
Registered guys who will make OD a race:
Harland Peele
Sean Andrish
Keith Knipling
Eric Grossman
Jon Allen
Karsten Brown
Jon Loewus-Deitch
Little ol me

“Maybes” that could make OD something more:
Aaron Schwartzbard
Brian Schmidt
Jeremy Ramsey
Jason Lantz

If everyone named above toes the line it is safe to say that Old Dominion will produce some very fast times, a few runners may finish in daylight and the race directors had best be ready to part with a large sum of expensive silver hardware.  Sean and Keith tell me they’re not racing this one hard but they run pretty fast even when they run slow.  I don’t personally know the ladies listed above but I have heard from reliable sources they’re registered.  The guys’ names listed above are friends and that is how I know which guys are showing up and who is considering running.  I don’t know Eric G. (or Karsten) but I know what his blog says; it says he is running.  Who else am I missing?
The Old Dominion entrants list is not published and I have not seen it; therefore, I imagine in addition to the names listed above there are likely other fast runners that I do not know about who are registered for the race.  I hope so.   I also hope that this blog post finds its way on to the computer screens of other runners- fast, slow or in the middle, men and women- who are on the fence about running Old Dominion and to whom I say see you in Woodstock!


  1. Ya Neal! Time to stop being the bridesmaid and get er done.

  2. Good food for thought. I may put the rest of my life savings on you for this one.

    How's the MMT100 recovery coming?

  3. I'm hearing through facebook that Ronald Shriver, the McDaniel College student who won last year's Stone Mill 50, may also be running.

    David Ruttum, the milk-chugging machine who crushed me with a sub-17 last year, may also be coming back to defend his title. Email sent and I'll let you know what I hear.

  4. Shophie- Bridesmaid? ha I was thinking of changing my name to Chris Reed.
    Kirstin- you had best speak to a financial counselor.
    Bobby- thanks for the info. I was wondering if D.R. winner is coming back.

  5. Any way you can contact the RD and make sure his aid stations are set up early enough if Eric, you, or any other of the speedy folks go CR time?

  6. Gorman, you will need to get 2nd at least 14 or 15 more time before you have the honor of the name "Chris Reed" bestowed upon you.

    You can take me off the list of maybes, I think there is at least one person that would put my head on a chopping block if I went to VA for another race this spring.

    As well I think I have to work that weekend...but mostly I'm a giant pussy. However, my recovery from MMT is great...better than any 100 previously.

    I am rather jealous of the fun that will be had...Id love to OD with you guys.

  7. At the risk of fouling the Vegas odds, I would urge bettors to avoid placing any money on me at Old Dominion. I am a poor all-day runner and should wind up squarely mid-pack, assuming I finish. But I can pretty much guarantee that I won't get lost.

    See ya in a couple weeks!

  8. The mind games are starting early! Look at all the speedsters chiming in trying to sell themselves short or trick folks into thinking they'll be a no-show. Smooth move, fellas.

    Just talked to Ruttum and it looks like he will NOT be coming back to defend his title. He just won McNaughton 2 weeks ago and is focusing on UTMB for his summer plans. Looks like it's anyone's game...

  9. Jon-the thought never crossed my mind. I have no idea what the CR is and I don't care to know. If I have to I'll drink from creeks when I find them.
    Jason-you can call me Reed. Mr. Reed. We'll miss you!
    Karsten-looking forward to meeting you. I am not an odds man. Gambling has never been my thing. The point of this post is simply to highlight the apparent inventory of strong running peeps who help make this summer's OD special.
    Bobby-wish you were running, hommie!

  10. I ran the first third at around 15hr pace last year, and although most of the aid stations were surprised to see me, they at least had their stuff set out. If anything, give the RD a heads up at the pre-race briefing on the pace that you expect to be setting up front.

  11. Neail, any idea (I guess you should from 2 years before) if AS's will carry gels at some? Thanks, and good luck.

  12. Olga, I have no clue. I can't remember. Sorry. You running OD? If so, very cool! And if so, I guess plan to have your own gels. I will be for sure.

  13. I do plan to bring my own, just kind of hoped I don't need to have as many as I need:)
    Say hi before dashing at the start!

  14. Olga - I don't recall seeing gels at aid stations last year.

    Nipple boy - I'm hearing that Jeremy Pade is leaning towards running now.

  15. Nipple boy likes. Come on out, Jeremy! OD will feel like a barefoot walk on a shag carpet after Massanutten.

  16. Dave Ploskonka and Dave Snipes are both in.

  17. Sorry as an aid station captain last year, and never to return, there will definitely be no gels unless the aid station captains bring them themselves and as they do not have a budget and most are not runners you can guess. Anyway good luck and enjoy the course.


  18. Ha. I'm getting my info from a combo of facebook and twitter. I put the question out there of who's running, and folks have been responding.

  19. I'M OUT. I have to go to a wedding. :( Oh, bahhh.

  20. Jason, Bobby is a man of many talents, including all things digital. Race day tweets? Who knows!
    Sabrina, bummer! See you at a WUS this summer.

  21. Natalie, thanks. I guess I am checking in a bag:)

  22. I'll be there, Neal. Good work creating a buzz! One reason I chose OD was in hopes that this race continues to gain in stature.

  23. Neal,
    I have no where the ability of you and some the above crew,nor the time to run more than 40-50 mile weeks, however I will be back and hope to run 22H, so if anyone is looking for that time we will see you on the course. Even better I talked my buddy into running his 1st 100 at age 57!

    John Spannuth

  24. Eric- good stuff. Look forward to meeting you. By the way, how can we convince a certain mutual friend of ours- first name begins with the letter J, last name begins with an R- to finally commit jump on the OD train?

    John- kick ass. 22hrs would be solid. Look forward to meeting you as well.

    Attention anyone and everyone else: if you want to run and haven't already submitted (snail mail) your registration be sure to send it in immediately. Ray Waldron (RD, said entries must be posted marked by May 26th- this Thursday.

  25. I pretty much just did the same:) I mean, asked to join us for the fun that is.

  26. Jay Finkle will be going for his 7th OD Silver Buckle and I'll be trying to whip myself back into shape after a long winter rest.

    Dave Yeakel Jr.

  27. Jay just ran well @MMT 100 and is a steady 22-23 hr runner @OD 100!

    John Spannuth

  28. 71 runners should be at the OD 100 starting line in 6 days!