Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Do point

The obvious news this week in US (global?) ultrarunning is Western States, happening Saturday.  The field is apparently hyper stacked which makes me keen on clicking my web browser’s refresh icon, in search of race updates, often throughout the day.  Good luck to the runners and everyone involved with the event- especially those runners vying for a top 10 finish.  Lordy, Saturday will be one hell on stressful day for you.
As far as my running is concerned, as of Sunday, marking two weeks since running OId Dominion, I ran a total five times which came to about four or five times more than I planned to run during that period.  Early on I figured a two week break from running after Old Dominion would be nice.  Difficult, mentally, but nice, physically.  As a consequence of running anyway, each run proved nothing more than an exercise in elongating a warm up, nary producing a single reward of actually feeling warmed up, much less feeling revved up.  Last week, while on a Euro-cation, the cool weather and long daylight hour sirens rang.  To the trails I went.  More like the roads but out I went still, though only a few times.  Mostly Gaby and I walked a lot.  Any run is generally a good one, just a measure of how good.  Much like any reason to run is generally a good one.  Vacationing is definitely a good reason to run, particularly when in exciting places.
Looking forward, as my hopes for jumping back on the training train more or less begin this week and the buildup chugs along, bound for Leadville, I can’t say that my body yet feels rested and healthy.  My general hip area and hamstring continue to bother.  Plus the heat in D.C. has settled in for the summer.  Or at least the dew point has which makes for steamy air temperatures, particularly while doing anything physical.  Running in high dew point temperatures is exhausting and soaking-wet-sweaty, at best.  No matter, each season brings an adjustment to the weather.  Adjusting to the humidity this summer will be no different than in previous years.  In this transition the legs will very soon come around, too.  I’m itching to get back at it.  And to find my own point of doing, again, in the mountains.

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