Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Morning Candy

Follow the link below to an interesting article in the Washington Post, published this morning, on a somewhat new, albeit controversial, therapy method for sports injury.  Apparently platelet-rich plasma therapy works for professional football athletes, some say.  Others have their doubts.  Others still don’t know how it works or how exactly to employ the “treatment”.  Enjoy.
Here is another bit of entertainment.  In honor of (1) running mountainous 100 mile races being something of my drug or, at the very least, one of my absolute favorite things to do, and (2) Grindstone’s 6pm start time Friday, please enjoy Genesis’ hit tune from the 80s- in its original long form- Tonight, Tonight, Tonight.  I’m sure I’ll have it my head at some point during the race.


  1. Hey Neal, congratulations on your awesome win at Grindstone - way to tear it up! What did you think of the course?

  2. Thank you! I loved the course actually- except for the fact that I covered so much of it in the dark and missed out on all of the scenery!