Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This October and November has produced a fall we hope for each year: slightly warm, dry and very, very colorful.  This week I say goodbye to one of my favorite trees- the red oak that shades the rear upstairs balcony outside of my home office in D.C.  In the photo below please enjoy the red colored brilliance of its leaves; the color oozing contrast against the green ivy climbing its main trunking lines.

The next photo is one I snapped this afternoon of Gaby walking along S Street, NW as we marched our way to close on our home.  The trees are mature Ginkos and- as you can plainly see- their color is spectacular.

I wish this fall would last forever.  I also wish my real camera wasn’t broken.  These pictures I took with my cell phone.  Pardon.

And since I apparently seem to be on yet another Fleet Foxes kick here lately, and since I am blogging about trees, here is a tune worth listening to.

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  1. Gorgeous pics. One of my favorite things about DC and the whole area is the deciduous trees.
    Sad you're not at WUS anymore!