Friday, December 09, 2011

A Lot Going On

The three weeks we've been living in Charlottesville have been most enjoyable.  Where we live is quiet.  It's peaceful.  There are no loud city buses or sirens.  We live temporarily in a very nice apartment and so there has also been no raking of leaves for me, nor will there be any shoveling of snow over winter.  There is even a swanky clubhouse and a gym at our complex with a few treadmills.  (Treadmill climbing workouts!)  Area traffic is light.  Trails are nearby.  And the views are lovely.  In Charlottesville, city-like offerings in terms of culture and amenities are here for the enjoying in what is otherwise a rural setting.  Or so my eldest sister might say.  For us, at least for the time being life it seems has taken a turn on to easy street.  I really, really like it.

On the running front, since my last race- Grindstone, in October- things have been a bit spotty.  I took four weeks completely off after that race, save for running a WUS beer mile event.  That was as super close race, by the way, and I bested Bobby Gill (previous WUS beer mile Champion) by a nipple's distance at best.  A victory no less!  After the four week break I got back into running somewhat slowly, attempting mostly to enjoy the final few weeks of running on the trails in DC's Rock Creek Park amidst the fall colors before making our move down to Charlottesville.  Of course actually preparing for the move, selling the house, etc. took some time so things worked out nicely, timing wise, with regards to the break.  Frankly, I needed a break anyway.  I was pretty much burned out even going into Grindstone.

Last week I began to feel like a runner again and so when I heard of a few local events happening over the weekend I didn't hesitate to sign up.  I ran the Monticello 5k on Saturday and the Three Bridges Half-Marathon on Sunday.  It was nice turning the legs over on new terrain, amongst new competitors and in a new town.  I think I'll try my feet at more local short distance events in the coming months.  It will be a good opportunity to push the pace in training and meet local peeps.

As I look toward the longer running events on the 2012 calendar year I have nothing lined up except for a Massanutten (MMT) lottery entry I was fortunate enough to win yesterday.  (Thank you, Dow Jones.)  I'm most likely going to pay my entry fee and secure an MMT spot but I am not 100% on whether I will run it.  Depends on tomorrow's Western States lottery and a few other options I am considering.  It's been strange not actually having any goal races lined up on the calendar.  Though on one hand I've enjoyed it.  It means I haven't felt forced to jump into any sort of training mode.  I think feeling close to burned out at the end of August and throughout September pushed me in this direction.  I mean, I definitely don't want to burn out.  Not even for a little while.  I loathe the idea of something I love- anything- being taken away from me.  Burn out will do that, I think.  So I will protect what I love.  In this case, running.  Even if that means taking a break for a while.  I guess I'm at the stage now in life where I am comfortable in this mentality and am not interested in forcing things that do not follow a natural, comfortable path.  There is so much peer pressure as it is in our sport to jump from one race, to one long group run, to the next race and on and on.  Ironically, this is something I love about the sport- there is so much going on- but at the same time it can extract a toll.  One must be catious.

With that said, shortly this evening I depart for the Shenandoah Valley to spectate the Hellgate 100k, which begins at 12:01am tonight.  Many friends are running and the event promises to be competitive up front.  In my heart I hope fellow WUS, Aaron Schwartzbard, brings home the victory.  (Again)  However the past few times I've seen Jeremy Ramsey the dude just looks so super fit.  He may take it.  (Again)  Do I wish I was running, too?  Not really.  Not at this point at least.  Though I did think about running Hellgate briefly back in October- Horty even promised to save me an entry.  Had I chose to run it I would definitely feel burned out at this very moment instead of slowly making my way back into running, enjoying it more and more each day.

2012 will come when it comes.  The calendar will fill when it fills.  I was in no rush to move to Charlottesville.  When the house would sell is when it would sell, I thought.  Fortunately for us it sold quickly.  Now that we're here I am in no rush for other things to hurry their course.  Presently, there is enough going on, like enjoying our new home town and the fact that we'll be in Colorado for two weeks over Christmas starting next Friday.  All of this there is to enjoy, plus spectating this weekend's race, clear skies and full moon.  Maybe I should dress up as a werewolf and scare the runners tonight?  Hmmmm...

A moon rising.  Taken at sunset from home.

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  1. It was great to see you at the start! Looking forward to hearing about your night/ day out there.