Thursday, January 19, 2012

UTMB Lottery

The lottery countdown for UTMB is on!  Tomorrow the results are out.  What will it be come late August: a standard, late summer work week in the good ol' Virginia humidity?  Or will it be a of week vacationing in Chamonix, France, highlighted by a 100 mile balls-to-the-wall run through France, Italy and Switzerland, circumnavigating one of the world’s most storied of mountains, Mont Blanc?  Hopefully it will be the latter.
Below, last June's French feets-of-strength demonstration.  I was recovering from Old Dominion at the time.  This August its my turn.

The race video is posted below for inspiration.  That is, if you actually need it.  Good luck to everyone registered!


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  2. I would still take all the money at once! Let the less, but by one payment!

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