Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The other 50 miler this weekend

If you read Karl’s blog it would appear that all the king’s horses and all the king’s men will be at the Lake Sonoma 50 this Saturday.  My brother Paul is running the race also, so three cheers for Cornbread.  I think the runner with the freshest legs and sharpest racing tactics will win this one.  It will be a burner, no doubt.  Good luck to everyone in Cali.
On the right coast, we’ll have a bit of fun ourselves this weekend at Bull Run (BRR).  WUS teams of course will be in full effect.  Check out the team line up here.  Similar to last year’s BRR I chopped off the training volume as of Saturday so hopefully I'll have some pep in the legs.  The temperatures are forecast as warm for Saturday and that will definitely be a factor this early in the year.
Since moving away from DC, and if you read Ultra Running Magazine, it might appear that I have lost my WUS stripes; as if my letters are literally being stripped from me.  Come Saturday, ready or not, heat or not, I’m bringing my game.  Gotta earn that “S” back!
Surprisingly, this did not cause a humorous stir inside WUS.  Nope.  Nothing. Not at all.  Zippy.

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  1. LOL! Long live WUSSSSSSSS!
    Hope your day is a speedy one! See you out there.