Sunday, April 29, 2012

The value of Drymax socks

Recently I folded clothes after a wash and while pairing socks scattered over my bed I scanned through the various Drymax pairs I own.  Among them were the Drymax Trails, Lite Trails (¼ crews and mini crews) and Maximum Protection Trails.  I matched up the socks and placed them into a drawer along with the others.  At this point I scanned the other Drymax pairs already lying in the drawer.  I pulled them out and unmatched pairs attempting to find holes, signs of wear or whether I could even tell which individual socks I’ve run 100 mile races in.  It dawned on me that I have never thrown away or gotten rid of a single pair of Drymax and on this day, for the life of me, I couldn’t even tell an older Drymax sock from a new one; much less a new pair of Drymax from a pair that I ran a 100 mile race in last year.
In 2010 I accidentally wore the same pair of shoes at Wasatch that I ran with at Western States earlier in the summer.  This was a huge mistake because after 30 miles at Wasatch my feet were hurting- from the balls of my feet up through the metatarsals.  They ached.  The shoes no longer offered the same protection and comfort that they used to- especially while I ran through some of the more rocky sections of the Wasatch course.  Running 100 mile mountain races with a lot of elevation gain and loss take a lot out of a shoe- any shoe.  I will never run more than one 100 mile race in a single pair of shoes ever again.  I knew it then but, like I said, this was an accident.  Point is, shoes are obviously one of the more costly items we runners churn through each year.  The more we run and race the more we wear out our shoes and need to replace them.  In my experience, Drymax wear much differently than a pair of shoes.  They last longer.  I would have no problem running multiple 100 mile races in a single pair of Drymax.  That’s right, a single pair.  I am that confident in their durability.
If you’re like me you place a certain amount of value on the hard earned money you bring home at the end of the day.  Saving your money is paramount and so is spending it on products and services that are worthwhile and lasting.  I’ll be honest, Drymax socks are not the cheapest running sock on the market but they last like no other I’ve ever known.  Drymax feel good on your feet and protect them from moisture, blistering, hot spots, etc.  In fact, Drymax is so confident in their product that they offer a customer Guarantee.  Plus, they’re made right here, in the good ole USA.  If you’re in the market for new running socks think about giving Drymax a try.  I’m confident your feet will thank you.


  1. I agree Neal. I had probably 8-pair for the AT last year and each and every one is still in the rotation today. Nearly 2,200 miles of abuse and still going strong. I've been running in Drymax for about 3 years now and I too have never discarded a single sock.

  2. That's a ringing endorsement! I truly appreciate quality running wear and I've been hearing a lot about Drymax socks. I'll have to try them now!

  3. I agree with that 100%. And to take the sting out of the cost. Zombie Runner is having a 20% off on Drymax. Get'em while you can!