Monday, September 03, 2012

Eastern fall racing

Finally, after a long, soggy summer that hopefully will terminate soon, the body is beginning to once again feel restored from runs as opposed to feeling depleted after them.  It seemed so long where back-to-back runs have clicked by without incidence, or without feeling completely drained, sore, dehydrated, limp, over trained or some other descriptive for generally feeling whipped.  This summer has kicked my ass and I’ve struggled by the duel blows of summer’s heat and humidity, simple as that.
For the most part I hate excuses and disdain complaining but I’ve found myself commiserating in summer’s midst on more than one occasion with a wilting flower or dry creek bed.  Last summer I recall enjoying summer’s intensity, at least for a while, but- alas- each year is unique and offers new experiences.
Fortunately the earth continues rotating and seasons change.  At least that is how summer seemed to leave us each year in Washington D.C.  The earth turned a bit on its axis and things got chilly. Hopefully the same occurrence will happen in Charlottesville.  I expect that it will, and beg that it does expediently.  Days eventually will grow longer, leaves will explode into color and in congruence the East’s fall ultra racing season will heat up.
It’s exciting to think about.  Ultra running has experienced an eventful year and I suppose that is the new norm going forward; however, the year is not yet over and though there remains a few important western races (Wasatch, Run Rabbit Run, North Face SF) it seems to me the fall and early winter belongs to the East.  UROC, Grindstone, Vermont 50, JFK, Stonemill, Masochist, Tussey Mountainback, Hellgate and now even Pinhoti- to name just a few- all remain as big question marks as to who will show up at each event and who will raise eyebrows long after the summer ultra season has cooled off.  As an East Coaster it is energizing to recognize that so many important races still remain on the 2012 calendar and so many of these races are close to home.
Perhaps it is fortuitous that my summer of running has not gone so well.  A bit of rest and weariness never killed anyone last time I checked.  My calendar is full enough with Eastern fall events and I intend to represent.


  1. I basically took the summer off. It was kind of nice. And now I'm itching to race!

    Hope you have a great fall.

  2. Did all serious more or less running either on treadmill or roads up to 20M max. Central Texas, ya know...