Friday, October 22, 2010

Five Years

Today is mine and Gaby's five year anniversary.  A happy hallmark for sure.

Lucky one on the right.
In other news, I will run Masochist November 6th, which will be my final race of 2010.  My last race, Wasatch, was six weeks ago today.  And it wasn't until about 2.5 to three weeks ago that I started logging decent runs here and there.  Last Saturday I escaped D.C. early in the morning for a 27+ miler in the beautiful Shenandoah Mountains.  The weather made for perfect Fall conditions.  And though there was hardly anyone else around during my entire jaunt the forest teamed with life and sound.  Howling winds, crackling branches, rustling leaves, crashing streams, chirping birds and insects, fattening deer, a bear cub, etc. presented so many sights and sounds to enjoy as I plodded along.  It was easily my longest training run since early June.  (Which is frightening considering what, and likely who, I will be up against at Masochist.)  And with all of the climbing, by the end, I was pooped.  So, along with my speed, my endurance and quads are apparently shot as well.  This week's running improved a bit, though soreness remains.  Enter the taper.  Hallelujah.  After Masochist it will be time for rest.  I am tired.  My body has spoken and I will heed it’s message.  By Thanksgiving the taste for trails will be back with a vengeance, as the return of Thanksgiving signals our annual pilgrimage to Vail; my true north.  Steep snowy trails will soon be calling.  And before all of this goodness- Masochist, rest, Thanksgiving, skiing and trailing in Vail- comes Halloween.  More goodness.
My goodness.  Chips and the dip.


  1. Congrats Neal and Gaby! And good luck at Masochist! I'm running JFK and will be home the entire week of Thanksgiving, but sounds like you won't be....bummer!

  2. Amy, Thank you! I look forward seeing how your speedy legs perform at JFK. Yes, definitely a bummer we'll miss each other while you're in DC- which you affectionately still refer to as home? Too bad you're not here now... I haven't been invited to any Halloween parties.

  3. Masochist is a funny name for it!