Sunday, October 31, 2010

Marine Corp.

Today was a great day for race spectating.  A family posse and I navigated the Washington D.C. streets this morning for the Marine Corp. marathon and watched my older sister Margaret finish strong amidst a sea of 34,000 entrants.  It was good fun watching, cheering and sightseeing.  The sheer volume of work hours, organization, marines, police, volunteers, road closures, food, water, etc. it must take to make a race like that happen is mind boggling.  Also, upon exiting the Smithsonian Metro Ryan Hall ran by on an individual jog around the monuments.  We exchanged pleasantries as he maintained pace.  That was cool.

Here is Margaret running through the aid station at mile 16.


  1. Thanks for everything during my training and on marathon day, Neal. So much fun. While I appreciate the pictures that the marathon people take, yours are definitely better this time. Sweet! Now that I have thought about my race over and over, it is time to think about the next one. I am excited to follow you at Masochist. I wish we could be there to do so in person.

  2. Run Forrest!! woot!

    And remember..."I'll be right behind you guys -- every step of the way." :D
    (See move "Stripes" for reference...)